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Ready To Elevate Your Design Game For Good?

Let me show you the 3 most critical factors for making design that works wonders, looks beautiful and makes clients ask for more.

To make good design, you don’t need fancy fonts or flashy effects. What you need is a framework that takes out the guesswork and lets you deliver professional results every time.

In this mini–course you’ll learn…

  • What are the 3 elements you actually need to master in order to create design that works and looks great every time, no matter if it’s web, print or social media designs.

  • The biggest mistake most amateur designers make in an attempt to make their designs look more professional, but tends to bring the opposite result.

  • My own design approach and why it changes EVERYTHING (it’s about taking the complex world that is design and turning it all into a simple method).

  • What’s the kind of design work that gets you better clients and that is paid way higher than the rest – And what’s the leap you may need to take to be doing that kind of work.

  • The real reason why some designs simply don’t work and how to turn that around (there are some juicy before-and-after design pics that you’ll want to see).

“I don’t think you understand how much I look forward to your emails and tips. Thank you!”

John R.

  • “Ok, yours are the only emails I read. You ALWAYS make me read them. And again, I don’t read newsletters. Never. Ever. Where do you get the inspiration to write like that?”


  • “I really love 🤩 your emails and literary wait for them. You just don’t share valuable information but also share real example, actionable insights/steps, emotions (that is so cool 😄) and that is really rare✨. I’m really lucky to have found you.”


  • “Hey Mai! Here is Mattia from Italy . I’ve some doubts: your emails seem so authentic that I can’t really understand if it’s a simple marketing move or if it’s more of an autobiography of your working life (…). I always read your emails with pleasure and it’s amazing to compare your stories with my working life and my projects. Many thanks for always bringing such interesting content!”


  • “Hi Mai, You are so right! We want more! – Re-designed website about 5 times and just did not get it right until I stumbled across your guides!!! Now I have a better framework to work along and am very confident that it will be a professional site once it’s done! Thank you so much for sharing this most valuable knowledge!”


  • “I have way too much information coming to my email everyday (that’s so easy to do) but I always open and read your entire emails. Thanks so much!”

    LEIGH B.

  • “Mai, I have been meaning to send this email for a while. I just want to tell you that you guys are amazing and have given me, US, so much amazing info and tools. Please keep doing what you are doing. I am definitely one of your biggest fans. Thank you all so very much again.”

    JOHN R.

  • “Hello Mai, thank you for your valuable content. I’ve been getting your emails for a long time now and I really enjoy them. Not only enjoy, but I also take your valuable advice and implement to my day to day life. And for that I’m really grateful to you.”


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  • “Hi Mai, just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your emails. It’s always great stuff to read and very inspirational! Keep it on.”


This course is a must-catch if…

  • You’ve been doing design work for some time now but still don’t feel like you have a clear framework for approaching design in a clear, strategic and precise way.

  • You already do design for a living: websites, sales funnels, landing pages, logos, social media graphics and whatnot, but feel like your work is still not looking that elevated or high end.

  • You are a self-taught designer, web developer, online marketer, social media manager or VA, and would love to have more solid grounds for your design work, so you can deliver better results, compete with pro designers and land better clients.

  • You’ve been wanting to become a professional designer for a while, and can’t figure out how to start.

  • You’d love to tap into a field with an ever increasing demand for experts, that lets you work with amazing clients from anywhere in the world.

Hey there!

I’m Mai Knoblovits. I’ve been in the design business for the past 12 years, working on web, brand and product design from my design studio in Buenos Aires and as a founding partner in Artisan Themes.

This blueprint is a window to my own approach to design. One that I believe will help you significantly elevate your design game for good.

It’s based on the things I’ve seen designers struggle with the most, and the feedback I’ve been giving my own students over the years that has helped them launch and boost their careers as designers.

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