Have You Ever Imagined What Having A Strong Brand Can Do For Your Business?

Discover how you can leverage the power of design like the best brands do every day to get noticed, gain authority and attract your ideal clients.


The Artisan Designer

But before that, let me ask you something…

How many hours do you spend browsing stuff online?

I’ll start by revealing my own answer: A-LOT. And I know for a fact I’m not alone on that one.

A study from January 2019 shows that the average person spends close to 7 hours a day online. No wonder that at the end of the day, we only remember a small fraction of what we see.

That means, that for most of the brands you run into any given day you probably won’t remember their names, not to mention what exactly they had to offer. Most of them will go unseen. Completely un-remembered.

Think about it…

Everyone struggling to reach their social media weekly posting quota to make sure they’re connecting with their audiences, crafting message after message to try and grow their businesses…

It’s a hopeless fight for attention.

It is bananas how today if you put the hard work you can be running a terrific brand from the comfort of your living room, serving clients from all over the world, slowly creating a name for yourself.

And yet, at the same time, it is the most expensive it has been in the last years to get real eyeballs on your message (if you ever run any paid advertising you surely saw the cost of growing your audience raise year after year).

Attention is becoming scarce. And pricey.

And if you know that getting eyes on your brand is tough, how much are you’re gonna prepare so that when you finally get the attention of your audience, your message has the impact it deserves?

Here’s an interesting game: If you do some conscious browsing and try to really pay attention to every brand you encounter at any given day, you see businesses from all kinds and sizes, most of them offering great products and services…

And yet, some of them seem to be doing great, while others clearly struggle to get traction.

When you observe these two types of businesses, there’s one thing that immediately puts ones and the others apart. And it’s not how good their products are. For the sake of everything we love, let’s make it super clear that any product and service worth offering has to be GOOD (with capital letters).

No, it’s not that. I’ll tell you what makes them different in a moment.

Does it happen to you that you take a quick look at someone’s Instagram profile and you feel like you immediately know if they’re your cup of tea?

You’re not alone. That happens to most of us. In fact, that happens to everybody you know. And it happens to all your future customers too.

The thing is, you can’t avoid it. Whenever your business puts itself out there it’s leaving thousands of instant clues about who you are, who should be attracted to you, what’s the real value of your offer. Everything ready for anyone to take an unavoidable 3 seconds look at it and perceive EVERYTHING.

It happens with every little thing anyone posts online. You see something and immediately form an idea around it.

Is this good?

Can I trust these people?

Will they have my back if I need help?

Your guts know the answers, and it is not the result of someone brain-hacking ideas into you.

It’s the power of design in action:

It’s the colors. It’s the fonts. It’s your logo.
It’s every design choice you eventually go with, because…


We can’t help but form value ideas around the things we see. That’s why having a stunning brand is synonym of having a thriving business.

And on the contrary, when a brand “decides” to put less attention into the details that we see we instantly feel that something’s off.

(And yes, those are intentional quotes. No serious brand will ever DECIDE to put less effort into the details we see of them)

We intuitively know that if a brand looks like a million dollar there has to be something behind those looks backing it up. So we learn to trust that instinct. You see it happen every day.

A while ago, having a top notch brand was something that only medium to large sized businesses could afford, but this is the era of small, great businesses, and no-one should ever allow its brand to go unnoticed.

Funny enough, you probably see this everywhere too.

Take a quick look at this flyer, and tell me what you see:

Did you get a clear idea out of that? It was hard, right? How many times do you think anyone online would try to read that flyer before they move on to the next attention grabber that shows up on their feed?

If you guessed “not many”, you’re absolutely right. And yet most small businesses still think of “good design” as a luxury they will get to when they have the time.

Ironically, they could be producing amazing pieces of design day after day, with the same effort, growing their audience in return (and their revenue) if they only knew how to do it effectively, every time.

But what if you are aware of how important design is for your business, but haven’t found how to tackle it yet?

Listen, it’s not your fault, and it’s absolutely normal.

With all that it takes to get your business up and running it’s OK to not have the design part figured out yet.

Here’s what I see most people try:

Some people spend hours just like me looking at what great brands with amazing visual identities put out, but they still find it hard to imitate what those brands do. And they may feel like if they copy what others do they won’t be representing themselves right.

Or they are using templates to create their stuff (which, by the way, is a GREAT idea) but they don’t seem to find a way to make that template work, or even worse: they try to use expensive and complex software in the hopes that software alone was the crucial piece of wizardry they were missing.

Others hire designer after designer, but find that it only slows them down, taking days or even weeks to put out some quick post because the images weren’t ready, and feeling that even then it didn’t truly represented the brands they’re working so hard to build.

After all, who knows your brand better than yourself?

(Let me ask that one more time, for the people at the back: Who knows your brand better than yourself?)

And after all that has failed, they probably did what all of us did at some time in our lives -and we all regret it till today- they asked for advice to their closest friends. Ahh… the famous “what do you think of this” question.

I know many a GREAT designer whose work was shredded to pieces by friends and relatives who knew nothing about design, let alone how to successfully share a message so that it grabs the attention of the right people.

We can all predict that asking your lawyer friend who still “doesn’t see what’s all the fuzz with social media” why your brand identity isn’t resonating with your tribe is not going to be your best invested time.

If any of these sound familiar to you, I got news:
It doesn’t have to be this way.

With the right playbook in place a 10x transformation is possible, and doable.

I mean it when I say that I think EVERY brand nowadays has the power of becoming the best it can be.

That’s why I’ve spent the last 14 months putting together a complete framework to share with you a proven way of approaching design that doesn’t require you to be inspired every time, to be an artist if you’re not an artist, or guessing whether your designs are gonna come out pretty or not.

And it’s called: The Artisan Designer.

What would it be worth to you and your business if you could…

  • Leverage the power of design to persuade, develop trust, and share your message with your audience as an authority.
  • Have a strong brand to accurately represent you online, while always sounding like yourself and nobody else.
  • Have beautifully designed social media channels to get noticed among the crowd.
  • Reliably create professional-looking designs that help you grow your audience and your revenue.

That’s what the Artisan Designer program is going to give you.

Whether you have to design for your own business, or you want to start designing for other people, I will show you exactly how to do it.

How The Artisan Designer works

This course will teach you the basics of design: the rules behind every good piece of design, so you can then use them to your advantage.

It’ll guide you through the right ways to use colors, typography and images on everything your brand puts out there.

Then, I’ll present you my framework to design a brand identity that is SO you that you’ll not only be proud of, you’ll also want to use it EVERYWHERE. And I’ll show you how use design to successfully persuade and amplify your message every time.

All of this while using a free design tool, that is available to you on any device. So powerful you won’t feel you’re lacking anything on it, yet not too complex that you’ll have to take a full course only to learn how to use it. And I’ll hold your hand through it all.

The Artisan Designer includes 6 modules with video lessons covering my whole design framework so you can become the absolute best designer for your brand. And you’ll also get a collection of bonus guides and cheat sheets so you can get back to anything you learn on the videos, plus detailed exercises so you can practice what we teach on each lesson, at your own pace.

And I will not only show you how to do it. I’ll tell you EXACTLY what to do at each step of the course so you can take ACTION and gain massive practice at doing it.

These are the 6 modules of the course:


Design Basics
In this module you’ll learn:
  • Why you can be an excellent designer, even if you think you’re not “creative” and even if designing is not your main activity
  • The 5 keys of design you can’t ignore to make good design that works
  • The simple 8 elements every design is made of (that will let you create any design you imagine)
  • How to easily use the basic design elements to achieve real life goals (like drawing attention, convey trust and persuade)
  • The real reason most designs fail and how to fix them
  • How to instantly identify what works and what doesn’t in a design
  • The rules every top-notch designer uses and that you can use to make sure your work comes out as good as you see it in your head


Your Design Tool
In this module you’ll learn:
  • Understand the thinking process behind designing you’ll apply to every design
  • Why Canva is one of the best tools for designing everyday stuff
  • A step by step crash course on using Canva
  • How to use photos, grids, shapes, lines, frames, illustrations, icons, text and backgrounds in Canva
  • How to use ‘copying’ as your best way to learn without feeling like you’re cheating
  • And how to design like me by copying what I do


Working With Typography
In this module you’ll learn:
  • The “right way” to use typography in your designs to eliminate any need of guessing
  • How you can use good typography to set you apart from amateur designs
  • The different type of fonts you’ll use and which one you should pick for every design
  • The 2-step method I follow to choose the right fonts for any project
  • My 7-keys test for making sure a font is a winner
  • The 4 steps needed to confidently combine fonts and never again make a wrong match which can cost you in trust of your audience (including 3 fun ways to combine them)
  • How you can make a text readable, inviting and enjoyable, so that your audience devours it like chocolate
  • The really juicy secret to bring words to life and make them appealing to your audience by tweaking simple typographic elements
  • The definitive -and most ignored- list of Dos and Don’ts of typography, so you can know exactly what to do when you’re in doubt


Working With Color
In this module you’ll learn:
  • How to influence your audience’s perception through color (in a way that generates impact, draws attention and prompts actions)
  • How to use colors to evoke the right emotions every time
  • How to leverage the meaning of colors to communicate at every possible level of your message
  • How to combine colors successfully in your designs
  • The no-sweat method to create a color palette for your brand and your designs
  • The secret to maintain a consistent look throughout your designs without getting limited by the colors of your brand
  • Very simple tactics to always use colors with taste


Working With Images
In this module you’ll learn:
  • The system to use images to boost and amplify any design
  • The 7 commandments for using images in your designs (no professional or amateur designer will ignore these)
  • How to choose the right images and where to get them (plus my favorite list of curated stock photo sites that are worth your time)
  • The basic rules to successfully combine images with text (understand this one thing and you’ll be able to 10x your social media posting)


Brand Identity Design
In this module you’ll learn:
  • How to design a brand all by yourself and do it far better than anyone you could ever hire
  • The difference between brand, branding, brand identity and logos
  • The 4 principles of a professional brand identity
  • My easy 6-stages method to create a brand identity, that will get you from idea to results in no time
  • How creating your brand identity this way will help you tell a cohesive story that resonates with your audience
  • The single, critical key to design a recognizable and memorable brand identity
  • How to use design to rightly represent your prices and position in the market
  • What are the different types of logos you can design and how to choose the one that will suit your brand the most
  • My 8-steps, easy to follow guide for a logo creation that has proved to give me solid results every time
  • How to create a color palette for your brand and promptly stick to it without getting bored and while amplifying your brand’s cohesiveness
  • The photo guidelines you should follow to find the right images for your brand
  • How to easily create a brand board to document your brand’s visual identity so that it can teach anyone else how to use it appropriately, and ensure your brand gets properly represented


Bonus Module!
How to Approach Design
In this module you’ll learn:
  • My 4 strategies to start your creative work that will completely destroy designer’s block
  • The most important rules to make your design powerful for social media
  • How to leverage the power of design to persuade, convey trust, and stand out
  • The 5 questions of strategic design thinking
  • The simplest technique to translate any idea into graphic design
  • How to be your own critique and ask yourself simple questions when reviewing your own designs
  • What are the different types of graphics you’ll need for social media and how to design them effectively
  • 3 overlooked tips to improve your designs for social media
  • 15+ actionable hacks that professional designers use and that will take your designs to the next level in seconds
  • Thanks to The Artisan Designer Course I was able to stop paying for a service that I needed periodically for my job. Now I create all the graphic materials I need by myself, both for me and for my clients.

    Mane GallardoDigital Marketing Expert
  • Mai is a super-prepared teacher, she leaves nothing to chance and has that magic touch of creating a spectacular energy that motivates you to keep doing. Unlike other courses I took, this one got me so enthusiastic that I couldn't wait to jump to the next lesson every day. If she’d create another course without doubts I’d sign up for it, right away.

    Lucas OlmosContent Manager
  • TAD Teacher

    Who teaches The Artisan Designer?

    Hi, I’m Mai Knoblovits. I spend most of my time doing, coaching and teaching design, and I’ve also co-founded Artisan Themes, a company dedicated to make high-end WordPress themes, where we help people build awesome websites by themselves.

    I took all I learned through these years: my experience designing for extremely diverse clients, my experience seeing students learn design… And with all of that I created this actionable course that will make you an artisan designer, so you don’t have to spend years learning how to do it on your own, and instead go straight to make successful designs all by yourself.

    And I can’t wait to teach you all about it!

Got bonuses?

The Artisan Designer course will certainly turn you into a design wizard, but not without some amazing bonuses to enjoy along the ride.

I’ve put so much time into making sure every part of this course will help you that I’m equally loving these amazing perks just like each of the lessons inside the modules. Watch till you see them.

Bonus #1

The Font Combinations Real Book

The struggle is real: putting fonts together can scare even the toughest of the tough. Fear no more. With this collection of 60 fonts combination you’ll be ready to kick off any project and quickly find the ideal typography for it.

Bonus #2

The Color Palettes Archives

If you think font combinations are cool, you’ll go crazy with this one. Ready to use color palettes that are so gorgeous you’ll want to use them all in the same project. You won’t, though, because you’ll know better. But you’ll want to.

Bonus #3

Ready to Use Mood Board Templates

The Artisan Designer Course bonuses include 5 different mood board templates so that any time you need to work on a new brand identity (or your own!) you can go right ahead and complete with your own images.

Bonus #4

Ready to Use Brand Board Templates

And sure enough, once you’re ready to document your brand identity work, pick from any of the three included brand board templates. They’ll save you LOTS of time, and they will make you look great.

Bonus #5

The Artisan Designer Course Cheat Sheets

I’m putting the whole course in cheat sheets that you can download so you can relax while watching the lessons knowing that all the information is packed up for you to keep within arm’s reach forever.

Bonus #6

Access to the Artisan Designers Community

The Artisan Course is 100% invested in your success with design, and we all succeed the most with a little help from our friends, so I’m putting up a community where you’ll be able to share your work with your peers for feedback, help like-minded people and -why not- rant a little after a long day full of social media posts.

Bonus #7

One-on-One Design Critique

For this pre-sale deal only I’m adding a one-on-one design critique over email to the course. You’ll get to send me one piece of your work, I’ll study it, and get back to you with very specific -and actionable- feedback. It can be a brand identity work, a page of your website, a flyer, you name it.

The Artisan Designer Course is here to teach you how to create design that evolves with you as your business grows.

You’ll give your brand the power to communicate with your audience with authority and trust.

You’ll learn the tools, the tactics and the strategy to become the best designer for your brand (or other brands too, if you want to), so you can have the strong brand you’ve always wanted.

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100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Try The Artisan Designer for a whole month (30 full days), 100% risk-free

This program has been tested with real students, and they’ve seen amazing results on their design skills time after time.

That’s why I want you to try the whole course and if you don’t LOVE it I’ll send you your money back. I’m confident and determined on your success, so I’m putting all the risk on my side.

I will ask that you do the exercises presented in each module because I know how powerful they are for you and I’m committed to make you an amazing designer, but if you’re dissatisfied with the materials of this course, just email me any time during your first 30 days of the course and I’ll refund you 100% of your payment.

  • I never thought of myself as someone who could grasp the visual world. But after I started going through the lessons and practicing I realized my designs became better every time. To the point that I could finally feel confident to show them to the world, and even generated a great impact on the people around me (so much that I got my first clients from that!). It has opened so many doors for me, and I’m sure it’ll help you grow your personal projects in a way you can’t even imagine.

    Ro DralettiJournalist

Crack The Code To Amazing Design

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Here’s a recap of what you’re getting:

  • 6 core modules of The Artisan Designer with video lessons + Bonus module "How to approach design"
  • The Font Combinations Real Book
  • The Color Palettes Archives
  • 5 Mood Board Templates Ready to Use
  • 3 Brand Board Templates Ready to Use
  • The Artisan Designer Course Cheat Sheets
  • Access to the Artisan Designers Community
  • Pre-Sale BONUS: One-on-One Design Critique

Your questions answered about The Artisan Designer Course

Will I need to buy or install any specific software?

No. While the course is not about any specific software (and what you’ll learn can be applied to any design software you prefer to use), it does teach how to use Canva, which is an online and free design tool perfectly capable of doing everything we’ll teach you in the course.

When is the course going to be available?

For this special pre-launch sale we’ll be releasing one module per week, starting on August 26th. And, by the way, one module per week is the recommended speed to go through the course.

Is there support along the ride?

We’ll hang out in our community A LOT. So while there will be no 1 on 1, email support for the specific assignments and such, you’ll be able to reach out in the available community channels in Slack. Plus, we encourage that you do post your work on the community so your peers can help you move forward too. The support of the community is a huge part of why we built the course this way.

How does the One-on-One Design Critique work?

To use the One-on-One Design Critique you receive as a bonus for this pre-launch sale, you’ll get to send me one of your chosen designs for review. We recommend it’s a special one that will help you move forward, like a brand board, a page of your website, a flyer, you name it. It can be at the beginning of the course if you had something done before you’ll like to work on, and it can also be near the end when you have worked on new things. In return, you’ll get a report with a detailed list of things to improve/work on (if there are any).

Is the course good for me if I already have a designed brand?

Absolutely. If you already have a designed brand you’ll learn how to work best with -and for- what you already have, to make sure everything you do from now on is as powerful as it can be. Plus, you’ll be gaining a new skill that you can use anytime.

What if I’m not a creative person?

You don’t have to be “creative” to do GREAT design. Great design has to do with many other factors, which you’ll learn how to nail in the course. And you’ll also learn how to make your best stuff even when you feel completely “uninspired”.

Will this work for me if I’m designing for my own brand or if I want to design for clients?

Yes, and yes. The core fundamentals that you’ll learn in the course will let you do both of those things, so it’s up to you what you’ll use it for.

Is this course only to learn how to design for Instagram?

LOL, definitely not. You can use everything you learn to design ANYTHING. Brand identities, website pages, flyers, social media posts, all sorts of printed materials, you name it. If it needs design, you’ll learn the core skills required to do it.

Will I become a professional designer after taking the course?

We believe that becoming a professional designer requires lots of years of study and practice, so this is not a course to become one. That said, this course will give you plenty of tools to solve yours and your clients’ needs for design. You will be able to design a brand, create graphics for online platforms and more.

I’m SO busy. Shouldn’t I use this money to hire a pro and move on?

There’s definitely a place for that. Now, hiring great talent is expensive (very!). Also, if you’re like most of the amazing entrepreneurs we get to hang out every day, you probably need to put out web pages, and flyers, and Facebook posts, and Instagram posts, and Pinterest images, and a new version of your logo for your email account… you will save so much time, and money, learning to do it on your own, and since you know your brand like nobody else, you’ll do it better than anyone else.

Do I have lifetime access to the course videos?

Absolutely. There’s no limit on how long you can access the videos and the course’s materials, so no pressure, it’ll be there for you when you need it. You can re-watch any particular lesson any time you want, and there are written transcriptions for each video lesson, so you can take them with you during the day if you prefer that too.

How much will it take me to complete the course?

That’s up to you! You’ll have access to all of the lessons’ videos and materials all the time. How fast or how slow you want to learn, depends on you, but we recommend making a routine out of it, like a lesson per day, or a module every week or so, so you can keep moving forward.

Is design going to change the world?

I believe it is, yes.

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Email me to hello@theartisandesigner.com

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